77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire State Line: Day 75 – Maddie’s Bagel and Eatery, Salem NH

Maddie’s Bagel and Eatery, Salem NH

This week I had the pleasure of going out to lunch at Maddie’s in Salem NH with 2 good friends, Mike Gendreau and Krista Munsie.  Mike and I had never been there before, but Krista had and was looking forward to it.

With this “down economy” you’d think you could walk right in and take a seat – do NOT do that at Maddie’s in Salem NH!  We met at 12 noon and had to wait a while with a couple other people!  Located at 240 North Broadway (route 28), Maddie’s is at the same plaza with McKinnon’s Market.  Luckily there is a lot of space for parking…

Maddie’s serves breakfast and lunch as well as doing a healthy take out service.  (That’s how I first learned about Maddie’s.)

I had the “Pick 2″ with a caesar salad and small bowl of chili, Mike had a caesar salad, and Krista had a pesto sandwich with sweet potato fries that she shared with us.  ;)

If you’re looking for yummy food, friendly staff, and an easy location, visit Maddie’s!  

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 74 – Plaza Azteca, Methuen

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 74 – Plaza Azteca, Methuen

This week I went out to Plaza Azteca at 552 Broadway St, Methuen, MA with a couple of friends.  This is my new favorite Mexican restaurant in the area.  It takes under 10 minutes to get to from my house (and also really easy to get to from routes 93 and 213)!

Although we went at 6:15, we had no wait for a table and there was plenty of parking (it’s located right across the street from the newer Lowe’s on route 28).  Of course we had the “standard” chips and salsa and margaritas (although 2 of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their sangria).

For a main meal I enjoyed the shrimp fajitas and my friends also enjoyed their burritos and fajitas as well.  I’ve heard about Plaza Azteca in Methuen so many times from my friend Shelby (from the Salem Athletic Club), I’m happy I went, but now realize that I forgot to order the guacamole which is one of the main items she raves about every time she goes.  Guess I’ll have to go back, eh?  ;)

If you have a favorite meal or appetizer when you go to Plaza Azteca Methuen, let me know in the reply section below so I can try it!


77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 73 – Buono Panini

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 73 – Buono  Panini

This week I went out to dinner with my best friend, Tammi to the Salem NH restaurantBuono Paninilocated at 438 South Broadway.  The building that Buono Panini is in is one of the most unique on route 28 (South Broadway), so will be able to find it easily, trust me!

It was great to get out with Tammi (because when we’re together we can rarely speak surrounded by our 3 “blabby” girls!)  We arrived before the dinner rush happened so we could catch up on “stuff” over a nice glass of red wine:  Malbec (one of my favorites!).  Buono Panini (italian restaurant if you hadn’t guessed) has a very nice variety of items on the menu, including salads, seafood, chicken, beef, pasta, and more!  For an appetizer we had the special which was a “rice ball” filled with Gorgonzola cheese and deep fried.  (Gorgonzola is not typically the top of my list, but I had it remembering my Dad who loved it!  And actually, it was pretty good.)  For dinner I chose the Wild Mushroom Risotto and Tammi had the Parmagiano.  Both were delicious and plentiful, in fact, I ate my leftovers for lunch today!  :)

Buono Panini was very reasonably priced, the wait staff was attentive, and the decor was just right.  By the time we left this Salem NH restaurant, most of the rest of the tables were busy with diners, including the party of 8 women that sat next to us.  If you are looking for a great Italian style restaurant for dinner, this would be at the top of the list in my recommendations.  If you want another option (and are willing to pay more), you may want to consider the Tuscan Kitchen, just 5 minutes north of Buono Panini.



77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hamshire state line: Day 72 – Shabby Chic, Windham NH

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hamshire state line:  Day 72 – Shabby Chic, Windham NH

Last week was my birthday and we decided to do something special – go to the Shabby Chic Windham at 4 Cobbetts Pond Rd, Windham NH located in the same little plaza as the Lobster Tail Restaurant (yum!).

It was a beautiful day, so my 2 girls and I took the short ride over to Windham and were not disappointed!  We were lucky to find the full staff there:  Lisa, Karen, Andrea, Sharon, and Michelle.  While we were there we listened to the plans of how to display a mixture of tiny and full-sized cupcakes at a wedding to be held at the Atkinson Country Club.  (And they had just finished up at a wedding in Vermont!)

I hadn’t had my lunch, but HECK, it was my birthday, so I slowly chose the cupcake I was going to eat:  Chocolate and toffee.  My girls chose Cookies and Cream and M+M and Cookie Dough.  Despite the fact that the store is very “sweetly” decorated, we decided to take our cupcakes home to eat.

The Shabby Chic Windham offers more than standard cupcakes, they offer cooking classes, host birthday parties, serve Gelato, and have even just opened a kiosk at the Rockingham Mall selling mini cupcakes!

If you are looking for a special treat for a birthday, anniversary, or something else AND you love chocolate (or their famous peanut butter frosting) do not miss out on a trip to the Shabby Chic Windham!  Our cupcakes were delicious, thank you!!

Do you have a favorite flavor of cupcake at the Shabby Chic?  Let us know in the Reply section below!

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 71 – Fishbones Chelmsford MA

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line:  Day 71 – Fishbones, Chelmsford MA

Friday I had a lunch meeting at Fishbones located at 34 Central Sq, Chelmsford MA.  Fishbones is a really cute restaurant with seating inside and out as well as bar seating and a fish market.  

On Friday my lunch partners and I had a variety of food, including fish and salads.  The waitress was quick and efficient, the food was fresh and the restaurant was clean, what more can I ask?  Of course, having a business meeting, the waitress was also respectful of the nature of our lunch!  :)  Three of my lunch partners have offices within a 2 minute walk of Fishbones and go there frequently and said that they always get a great meal there.

So, if you’re looking for a seafood restaurant to have lunch or dinner with great fresh fish at a reasonable price, you deserve a trip to Fishbones in Chelmsford!  Alternately, if you just want to pick up some fish to cook at home, visit the fish market inside the restaurant!



77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 70 – Smolak Farms North Andover

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 70 – Smolak Farms North Andover

I went to Smolak Farms this week for a Clam Bake and was impressed, as always, with their beautiful grounds  (of course I also picked up a gallon of apple cider for home)!  Smolak Farms is located at 315 South Bradford Street, North Andover, MA and can be reached on the phone at 978-682-6332.  They are NOT your usual farm stand! Parts of the historic homestead at Smolak Farms are 300 years old and amazingly enough, descendants of Martin and Magdalenna Smolak continue to farm and run Smolak Farms.

The Farm Stand opened in 1985, including the Bakery, on the site of the old chicken coop.  Then, in 1992 a Greenhouse was built and in 2004 an ice cream stand was added which then was taken over in 2007 by Treadwells.

Present day visitors to the Smolak Farms have many opportunities to choose from:  pick fruits, visit the farm stand and bakery (delicious apple cider donuts!!!),  go for a hayride, plan a birthday party, or attend summer educational programs!  With so many things to choose from, you’ll be going back time and time again to enjoy the natural beauty of the farm!  You may even schedule an important event like a wedding at Smolak Farms!

If you’re looking to go apple picking and are in northern Massachusetts, Smolak Farms is a must!  Alternatively, if you’re in NH, I would recommend Mack’s Apples of Londonderry.


77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 69 – Lobster Tail Restaurant Windham NH

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 69 – Lobster Tail Restaurant Windham NH

Last Wednesday my family went to Windham, NH to eat at the Lobster Tail Restaurant and were delighted!  In addition to the location at 4 Cobbetts Pond Road in Windham, there is an additional Mass location at 1081 Osgood Street, Route 125 in North Andover.

As you may know from reading some of my other posts, our family really likes seafood, especially including the Raw Bar Boat at Cuttyhunk Island!  The evening we visited the Lobster Tail we had the following items from the menu:  Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, Salmon, Fried Calamari tubes and tentacles, the Fisherman’s Platter (my husband’s favorite anytime we go to a fish place), and Shrimp Scampi.  (Luckily I ordered the shrimp scampi and now know that the girls like that now and can be cooked for dinner at home.)  Everything was delicious – the calamari was not rubbery and Ed said the Fisherman’s Platter was one of the best he’s had!

We had used a Groupon for our dinner and therefore decided to treat ourselves to ourselves to a nice piece of chocolate cake for dinner!  :)

I didn’t know it before visiting the restaurant, but they give free birthday meals!!!!!

If you like fresh seafood and don’t feel like driving to the coast, you will be very happy at the Lobster Tail Restaurant in Windham or North Andover!  (If you’ve already been there, tell me in the box below what your favorite meal is!

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 68 – Cuttyhunk Island, MA

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line:  Day 68 – Cuttyhunk Island, MA

Cuttyhunk Island is the last of the Elizabeth Islands islands which stretch to the southwest of Falmouth.  The town of Gosnold, MA extends down the stretch of the Elizabeth Islands and has 52 of the town’s 86 year round residents (according to Wikipedia).

We discovered Cuttyhunk about 10 years ago while sailing with friends.  Cuttyhunk harbor is a beautiful place to spend a couple of nights, but make sure you bring plenty of provisions on board, because shopping is very limited on land!  Besides the incredible sunsets and the high number of sailboats (as opposed to motor boats – commonly referred to as “stinkpots” in the sailing world), our family loves the experience of the Raw Bar boat delivering their goods after 5pm!  In addition to shrimp cocktail and freshly picked clams and oysters, the Raw Bar also brings fresh “clam chowda” (a New England tradition).

What else is there to do at Cuttyhunk Island?  Not much!  During the summer the population grows to about 300 people, but as far as activities, people go to the beach, fish, and walk.  Since the island is only about 1.5 x.75 miles big, the main mode of transportation is golf cart!  One of our favorite walks is to go up Tower Road and on a clear day, we can see the other Elizabeth Islands, the southern Massachusetts shore line and also the Gay Head Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard.

If you don’t have a boat (or a friend with a boat), you can get to Cuttyhunk via ferry and helicopter.  Maybe I’ll see you there next year waiting eagerly for the Raw Bar boat to visit you.


77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 67 – Palmer’s Restaurant, Andover MA

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line:  Day 67 – Palmer’s Restaurant, Andover MA

Palmer’s Restaurant is conveniently located at 18 Elm St, Andover, MA, just down the street from our Keller Williams Realty office.  I have been there several times before for drinks, but recently I attended a small luncheon upstairs in Palmer’s Restaurant.

Despite the fact that the restaurant is located on busy Elm St, Palmer’s does have quite a number of parking spots in back.  Another bonus about Palmer’s is the outdoor seating along the front of Palmer’s Restaurant.  Certainly many many people have frequented Palmer’s on their way home for a cocktail at the bar or a bite in the small back dining area.

During our luncheon (with a talk) the wait staff was terrific making sure that everyone had the right meal and that the plates were cleared in a quiet yet timely manner.

If you’re looking for a classic restaurant/tavern to visit with yummy, moderately priced meals, treat yourself to Palmer’s Restaurant soon and let me know what you had and enjoyed there in the reply section below!  (Or, if you are planning a small event, as we had, Palmer’s Restaurant may be just the right locale for you!)

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 66 – Blue Angus Cafe

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 66 – Blue Angus Cafe

The Blue Angus Cafe is located at 34 Broadway Rd in Dracut, MA (almost across the street from my Keller Williams office).  Several of us from the office visit the Blue Angus regularly for lunching and chatting, and on this occasion, I was catching up with a friend and talking a little business.

The Blue Angus Cafe is open for lunch and dinner every day and also is popular for evening drinks.  We sat on the non-bar side for better conversation.  Our waitress was AWESOME!  She knew immediately that we were going to be deep in conversation and was courteous and attentive without being overly chatty.  PERFECT for a quick lunch squeezed in between meetings during our days.

Both Heidy and I had salads which were prepared and delivered quickly.

If you’re looking for a very reasonably priced place to go for lunch with great food and service, I highly recommend the Blue Angus Cafe!  If you need to reach them by phone, you can do so at (978) 937-1699.

Have you dined at the Blue Angus?  If so, please share what your favorite meal is in the “reply section” below.