College Funding 101 Workshop October 1, 2013

In addition to helping people buy and sell real estate, I have connections with many different Professionals in our area that I would love to introduce you to!  Including: Loan officers, HVAC contractors, Painters, Real Estate Attorneys, Insurance Agents and many more. Come to one of our free classes to make great connections!

College Funding 101 Workshop




Whether you have a child (or grandchild) that is 1, 5, 11, or anywhere in between, come to this informative workshop clearly outlines the different savings plans that can help fund your child’s higher education.


A local Financial Planner of  Windham, NH

College Planning

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Next classes scheduled for:

November 12th 6:30-8 pm

These classes are being sponsored by:

Sage BankMike Gendreau of Sage Bank

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Sell Your House

In addition to helping people buy and sell real estate, I have connections with many different Professionals in our area that I would love to introduce you to!  Including: Loan officers, HVAC contractors, Painters, Real Estate Attorneys, Insurance Agents and many more. Come to one of our free classes to make great connections!

How to Sell Your Home for the Most Money and Least Stress

March 12 6:30-8 pmsell your home

Tips to be taught are:

  • Professional Staging Techniques to  impress buyers (without “breaking the bank”).
  • Quick and affordable home improvement projects local sellers do to prepare their home before listing it.
  • Importance of pricing to get multiple offers and then techniques to “bullet proof” the sale.


Brenda Douglas of StagedWorks Home Staging Services

Nick Collopy and Brian Alexander of Northern Ridge Painting and Remodeling LLC

Debbie Kruzel of Keller Williams Realty

JL Sweeney of Sweeney and Sweeney

Next classes scheduled for:

June 11th 6:30-8 pm

September 10th 6:30-8 pm

November 12th 6:30-8 pm

These classes are being sponsored by:

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Debbie Kruzel of Keller Williams Realty

Community Action Home Buyer Program, Haverhill MA

Community Action Home Buyer Program, Haverhill MA

I am excited to share with you this Home Buyer Program provided by Community Action, Inc  in Haverhill!  This is NOT limited to people buying homes in Haverhill, but the classes are taught in Haverhill.  This program offers education to people wanting to buy a home and also, if you qualify, you might also be able to get Down Payment Assistance and Closing Cost Assistance as well. (Both are available as of the time of me writing this blog post in Jan 2012.)

The Community Action, Inc group began in 1965 and is “in the business of caring”.  I have been honored to teach the Realtor portion of the Home Buyer Program class a couple of times and am currently working with 2 buyers who have graduated from the program.  The cost of the class is $50 (per household) and the next class offered is on Jan 16, 18, and 23, 2012 from 6-9pm and new classes are scheduled every other month or as needed.  During the class students meet professionals representing the people they need on their home buyer team, including:  Loan officer, Attorney, Realtor, Insurance Agent, and a Home Inspector.  Although everyone may not need this person, a Credit Counselor also comes to teach.

During the Home Buyer Program‘s class, you will receive training in:

  • obtaining a mortgage
  • budgeting
  • credit
  • housing search
  • appraisals
  • condominium purchase
  • legal issues
  • insurance
  • housing law
  • tax advantages
  • home inspection
  • and many other topics related to home purchase

At the end of the Community Action Inc program participants receive:

  • Individual household mortgage pre-qualification
  • Information regarding foreclosure sales
  • Information regarding area affordable housing lotteries and services of a buyer broker
  • Information about down payment assistance programs and reduced interest loans.
Completion of the full course may allow buyers to be eligible for special financing programs and housing lotteries.
If you live near Haverhill and have the time to go to this class, GO!  It is an amazing program and buyers really come out feeling that they know what to expect during the home buying and are less likely to purchase a home with problems.  Read on their Community Action Inc website for more information or call their office at 978-317-8998 .
If you have questions for me about buying a home and can’t make it soon to this Home Buyer Program, call me at 603-318-6953



Home Buyer Class

Home Buyer Class in Andover (or your home)


 Do you know what it takes to buy a home?

 Did you know that it’s more affordable to own a home than since 1989, especially when you consider mortgage rates – check out the graph below:

If you haven’t bought a home in the last 3 years or if you are a first time home buyer, get educated at my Home Buyer Class in Andover or at your own home!  Space is limited and each attendee recieves a FREE copy of Gary Keller’s best-selling book “Your First Home” for attending.

Home Buyer Class Schedule:

Tuesday February 18th 6:30 in Andover, MA*

(Call Debbie Kruzel at 603-318-6953 for alternate dates)

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* 138 River Rd, Andover, MA (Keller Williams office)


77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 48 – Enterprise City in Dover NH

Enterprise City in Dover NH

Last week I took a bunch of kids up to Enterprise City in Dover NH for a field trip – what a BLAST!  This is “not your average field trip”!  Enterprise City (previously called Exchange City) is an on-site location for kids to use the business skills they have developed over a 5-8 week period of time preceding the trip.  The kids work with a very comprehensive curriculum developed by the Enterprise City staff in order to prepare for “THEIR DAY”!

Here’s some of the many things our group of 52 kids (ages 5th-12th grade) learned before going to Enterprise City:

  • Check writing and Register balancing
  • SIP Test (skills and interest profile test), Resume writing, job applications, and job interviewing,
  • How to write a speech (if applying for the position of Mayor or Judge)
  • What it means to be a “citizen”.
  • What basics the following “general” jobs do:  Managers/Owners, Accountants, Production Designers, Sales and Marketing
  • Business planning, including possible products to sell and the marketing of the business and the products
  • Personal budgeting
  • Team work

While at Enterprise City the students take on the roles of employers, employees, government officials, consumers and citizens.  They work in a variety of businesses, organizations and government agencies.

Our group of kids from Pelham NH participated with many other home schooled students from MA, NH, and ME who have (in many cases) never met one another, so our day “ran” a little longer (9-3) than the average school field trip.  While we were there we had 12 businesses and offices open, including:  the City Hall, Bank, Distribution Center, Snack Shop, Sign Shop, Newspaper, Broadcast Center, Nature Shop, Post Office, Sports Shop, Technology Shop, and Multi-Service Center.

During our day at Enterprise City, the kids planned together about their business, got two paychecks, worked at their jobs, and had 2 breaks, including lunch (which were their only opportunities to go out and spend their money).  Certainly everyone KNEW that the goal of the day was to do enough business in order to pay off their business loan, but it wasn’t   until the kids took their second break that it really “sank in” that the money they earned while at Enterprise City would NOT be leaving and that the more money they spent, the more each business could pay off their loans.

I love this kind of activity!  Although we had a LOT of preparation, the kids learned so much more with all the hands-on experience!  If you have any chance to influence your school system regarding a meaningful field trip, a trip to Enterprise City is a must, it  is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!  The staff is great, the curriculum is excellent, and the experience they kids take away is HUGE!

Contact Enterprise City today for more information!  Alternately, if you can gather a group of kids of 40 or more, you can also reserve your day!

Here is a picture of the City Hall workers whom I supervised, we had (from left to right):  City Attorney, Policewoman, Environmental Officer, Judge, Mayor, and City Manager (Accountant).

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line – Day 22: VLACS – Virtual Learning Academy Charter School


VLACS (Virtual Learning Academy Charter School) is New Hampshire’s only on-line school for students in middle and high school.

VLACS began their first classes in January 2007 and has just graduated their first class of students.  NH is one of 24 states nationally with an online school and it’s current enrollment is 4,700 students.  It is based on Florida’s on-line school (FLVS) which currently has over 60,000  students enrolled.  What is it for, who uses it, and how does it work?  Keep reading!

VLACS is a way for students in all over New Hampshire to learn without going to a brick and mortar location.  (Think “working from home”…. “schooling from home”)

VLACS serves a very wide range of full and part-time students for various reasons including:

  • Students who want to take classes that may not be offered at their school (Advanced Placement classes, Latin, Chinese, Ecomomics, SAT Prep, etc)
  • Students who may want to be more challenged without the school telling them what they can and cannot take in a given school year
  • Home school students that want additional curriculum above what they already have at home or in any co-op they may belong to.
  • Students who have disabilities which prevent them from leaving the house for extended periods of time.
  • Teenagers that are pregnant who would rather not be with their peers or need to be at home once the baby is born
  • Students who are working on passing their GED.

VLACS is a completely on-line school that has certified teachers working directly with students assigned to their classes.  The schoolwork is very well structured and laid out for the students with the requirements for each semester.  Each class begins with a phone call between the student, parent, and teacher where the teacher reviews what will be expected of the student and how to get in touch with the teacher when help is needed.  Teachers and students interact at least once/month either on the phone, or via chatting/video conferencing with “Pronto”.  Students also interact with one another and get to know other students online via “pronto” and in assignments where they post answers to discussions or critique each others’ work.

If you are looking to supplement your student’s learning, challenge them with different topics that are unavailable in your school system, begin homeschooling, or even have them stay “in the groove” during summers while learning in a different manner – you may want to try out VLACS!  In addition, students can earn college credit at SHNU (for a small fee).  It’s easy to sign up, check on line for the details!

FYI – My daughter began taking classes in sixth grade and three of the benefits of her learning with VLACS are the fact that she can be challenged with high school level Spanish (since she’s had a fair amount of Spanish informally), the organizational skills she’s developed, and the responsibility that she must take in order to complete the work in each of her classes.  The last 2 things are life skills that are difficult to teach and are necessary for people in all aspects of their life, so I’m thrilled she’s a part of VLACS!

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 4 Free stuff for kids who read during the summer!

I love free stuff for kids and I am a very strong proponent of reading! When children first begin to read (usually between ages 3 and 6), they are “learning to read”. Then, usually between grades 3 and 5 (ages 8 and 10), kids move to the next incredibly important stage called “learning to read”.

In order to help encourage kids to keep reading while not at school during the summer, I have used four resources: the public library, Barnes and Noble, Border’s Book Store, and the Showcase Cinemas. You may wonder “what the heck is Debbie talking about here???” Keep reading!

At Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH and Borders in Methuen, MA, my girls have earned a free book for every 8-10 books read during the summer. At the Pelham Public Library, when participating in the summer reading program, they’ve won tickets to Canobie Lake Park as well as CDs and free books. Finally, at the Showcase Cinemas Lawrence, we’ve have seen free movies during July and August on Wednesdays.

Everyone loves free stuff, right? Many moms and dads need some incentive to keep our kids developing our kids’ pleasure reading….so try for yourself THIS SUMMER, whether you’re a parent or grandparent – share the gift of reading and GET FREE STUFF!