77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire State Line: Day 76 – Balance Physical Therapy, Windham, NH

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire State Line: Day 76 – Balance Physical Therapy 

Balance Rehabilitation and Life Sciences, LLC is located at 58 Range Rd, Windham, NH: at Exit 3 of route 93.  Owned by Peter Olson and Chris Pierce, Balance Rehab is dedicated to bringing balance into peoples’ lives.  Chris said it best, “I realized when I worked at my last job it was more about the numbers of patients we could get in and out of the office rather than the care they got.”

Balance Rehab offers 4 main services:  Physical Therapy, Strength and Fitness Training, Sports Medicine, and Massage Therapy.  Overarching these services is the positive, motivating atmosphere.   With 5 physical therapists on staff currently, you’re bound to find the right person to match your style, personality, and needs.  Not only are these Windham physical therapists there for your needs, they are athletes themselves and understand the need for balance!

My best friend, Tammi, has been training with at Balance Rehab for three years and the changes in her strength have been incredible.  Each year she has committed to doing a major challenge, with the support of her personal trainer, Chris, including the Tough Mudder last year and this year she’s training for a triathlon.

Whether you need physical therapy after an injury or surgery, want to train for a specific sport or event, or are looking for preventative measures so you can enjoy your physical activities, you need to check out Balance Rehab!  Call them today at 603-890-8844!

A new program that Balance Rehab is introducing this summer is ACL BE FAST.  Geared towards serious female athletes ages 13-21, this program is designed to PREVENT serious ACL injury by training the girls in:

balance, safer landing and jumping techniques, proper warm-up, stretching, and cool-down techniques, and much more.

Watch here as Chris Pierce introduces the program:

If you want to enroll, either call Balance Rehab directly at 603-890-8844 or call the Salem Athletic Club at 603-893-8612


Expert Insurance: Michaud Insurance Agency – Methuen

Expert Insurance:  Michaud Insurance Agency – Methuen

Michaud Insurance Agency was founded in 1979 by Armand P. Michaud who ran the agency out of a one room office with only one insurance company to write all his clients through.  Since then his youngest daughter Trudy has taken over the agency and continued on with Armand’s tradition of treating people with honesty, respect, and courtesy.  Trudy has since grown Michaud Insurance, offering more companies and products to our clients while still keeping the small business, family atmosphere.  In February of 1995 we moved to Methuen MA and have been here ever since.

Now, with Trudy’s daughter, Tricia, also on board, Michaud Insurance Agency proudly represent some of the finest insurance companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire such as Safety Insurance Company, Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Plymouth Rock Assurance, Bunker Hill Insurance, Mt. Washington, Travelers, Utica First Insurance Company and more!

In addition to providing homeowners insurance and auto insurance, Michaud Insurance Agency covers many more valuables, including:


Renter’s Insurance

Mobile homes



Antique cars/collectibles








Michaud Insurance also works with small businesses, providing the following coverage:  Liability, business owners, workers compensation professional liability, bonds, errors and omissions.

If you’re looking for a professional to do the “insurance shopping”, for you, go visit Michaud Insurance Agency at 105 Haverhill St, Methuen, MA or call them at 978-685-2549.  Recently I had a buyer have Michaud price out insurance for them on the their purchase and when they added in their auto insurance they were able to save hundreds of dollars on their insurance – check them out today!  :)



77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 51 – Northeast Rehab

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network – Salem NH

It’s been just over a year since my Mom slipped and broke her hip resulting in a partial hip replacement.  At dinner recently we were remembering back how different our family was one year ago when we took a trip to the Northeast Rehab Center in Salem NH to visit my Mom.

Living in Haverhill, MA, my mom was taken to the local hospital, Merrimack Hospital, by ambulance on a Friday afternoon to find out pretty quickly that she had snapped the ball off her hip.  My Mom opted to have her hip surgery down at Mass General Hospital since she had been there for a procedure the previous year and had all her records, but the following question was where would she do her rehab and how far away would she be from our house in Pelham NH?

My Mom had heard many good things about the Northeast Rehab Center in Salem NH and was granted her requested transfer there just a short 4 days later (a miracle in itself!).  We were very pleased with Northeast Rehab!  All the staff were awesome, particularly the way that they worked closely with my Mom in regards to her many food allergies.

The rehab staff were awesome in encouraging and sometimes pushing my Mom to strive to do as well as she could.  My Mom was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was too at Northeast Rehab.  Finally, in preparing for her departure, the staff worked closely with my Mom to make sure that she understood all the exercises she was to continue as well as preparing her home for her arrival, including the purchase of some important pieces of equipment for maneuvering around the home with food and for being comfortable (and safe) in the bathtub.

Since my Mom’s stay at Northeast Rehab, I have heard of many other positive experiences from others (or their relatives).  If you (or a friend or relative) needs to go for rehab, I highly recommend Northeast Rehab! :)

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line – Day 40: Gentle Acupuncture Salem NH

Gentle Acupuncture, Salem NH

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Feng Xiao at Gentle Acupuncture conveniently located at 87 Stiles Rd,  Salem NH this week (just 3 minutes off Exit 3 on 93 north).  Dr. Xiao is a quiet  man who deeply cares about his patients.  Trained in China, over 20 years ago, Dr. Xiao has helped thousands of people, including many from MA and NH since 2002.

I have never had acupuncture, but worked with a woman many years ago who performed acupuncture in the Reading, MA area.  I was absolutely amazed at the different conditions she was able to successfully treat.  Although many people are fearful of needles, I believe we, as Americans, should be fearful of the many drugs that “we” are popping into our bodies for many different conditions to treat the symptoms instead of identifying the root of the problem and working on THAT! Treatments using acupuncture is certainly on the rise in the US – Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) Soared Dramatically from 2003 to 2007, up from 2.1 million Americans to 3.1 (as reported from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a part of the National Institute of Health).  For a list of frequently asked questions about acupuncture, see the Gentle Acupuncture FAQs – very informative and insightful!

Gentle Acupuncture offers treatments to many many disorders/conditions in which they focus on targeting the root causes of the disorders.  In general terms, Gentle Acupuncture provides the following services:  muscular/skeletal, mental/emotional, gastrointestinal, circulatory, endocrine, genitourinary, neurological, respiratory, and more.  One of the most amazing treatments that I heard of about 10 years ago (from a young woman who was getting trained in acupuncture) was the ability to use acupuncture to turn a baby around just before birth.  That acupuncture treatment particularly appealed to me because my first daughter was breach and she would not turn when we tried to do the version, consequently requiring me to have a Cesarean Section.

When you visit Gentle Accupuncture on the web, you will be able to read comments from many very happy patients…  the reason I came across Dr. Xiao was because of a friend I work out with at the Salem Athletic Club, Lisa V. – and here is what she says about her experience:

My experience at Gentle Acupuncture was life saving – as a Nurse I needed a speedy recovery. I went to see Feng at Gentle Acupuncture when my back continued to spasm even after several chiropractic session per recommendation of Dr. Dana Keanny,DC. I went on Friday for my treatment and on Saturday my back spasm had completely resolved, my torso area was much straighter (I was literally in a “C” position prior to the treatments). You might be asking what  does a C position looked like,  the best way I can described is when I stood up straight, my whole torso was slanted to the left.  It looked pretty ridiculous, but the most aggravating part was the irritating muscle soreness and it was continous.  One treatment it was gone but I went another time for safe measure.

If you have muscle issues that won’t go away (or have one of the many other symptoms treatable by acupuncture), try a visit with Dr. Xiao at Gentle Acupuncture!  He is very convenient to the highway and has treated thousands of people successfully!

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line – Day 30: Car Paint Protection Battles Chips and Scratches Wonderfully

Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection is produced by several different companies and has been used in our family on 3 different cars.  My husband is a bit of a fanatic about car maintenance from the inside out and this time he chose to use Diamond Shield.  

Recently we sold our 20 year old car, an Eagle Talon.  As Ed would say “Every time I went over a pothole, I’d look in the rear view mirror to see if anything fell off”.  When the Talon was 13 years old, we got the body re-painted, and to protect the paint job, we applied car paint protection.  This, in part, helped us get top dollar on re-selling the vehicle recently.

Soon after we got our new car, the Ford Fusion, we tried to put on the remaining car paint protection film that we had, but due to the contours, we had a really difficult time and were unsuccessful in making it look invisible.

Ed spent quite a bit of time on-line researching what we would use next and found that with many of the companies, we could buy pre-cut pieces of car paint protection film to make it easier to apply to the vehicle.  In addition, he found a local guy who would install the car paint protection film:  Lite Armor.  Take a look below to see more about using a protective film.


Daniel, who came to our house in Pelham NH did a great job putting on the car paint protection film by Diamond Shield.  (How great is that – he came to our house?!)  FYI – it is necessary to install it in an enclosed, dust free environment.

If you want to keep your car’s paint job looking great, seriously look into car paint protection – it’ll save you some waxing time and certainly protect the car from chips and minor scratches.

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line- Day 20: Salem Animal Hospital

Salem Animal Hospital Salem NH

Salem Animal Hospital, conveniently located across on Rt 28 from the Christmas Tree Shops in Salem, NH, has been taking care of our pets since 2001.  Salem Animal Hospital has very convenient hours (almost 12 hours a day) and are super helpful!  Every time I’ve been, there’s always another cat or dog in too!

We had been taking our dalmation, Buzzy, to Salem Animal Hospital since he was a pup and then last year, a couple of weeks before Easter, he started having very labored breathing.  Finally I called Salem Animal Hospital to make an appointment and went in on Friday.   Dr. Caruso examined Buzzy and thought his heart seemed to be enlarged.  She was concerned about heartworm and the test came back negative.  On the x-ray it was clear that the heart was enlarged and no wonder Buzzy was having breathing problems, in certain positions his windpipe was nearly closed up from the heart size!

We arranged for a mobile ultrasound to be done three days later and went home.  Sunday night Buzzy was so uncomfortable he couldn’t lie down or even sit!  He was panting and panting – and spent most of the night out on the front porch where he seemed to be more comfortable.  The next morning the girls and I were taking him to the car and he was spewing blood!  (It was really hard to be “positive” walking in to Salem Animal Hospital that morning!)  We had to leave Buzzy and he was sedated to be made comfortable.  Around noon we got the ultrasound results and found out that Buzzy had 2 defective heart valves!  Salem Animal Hospital would not be able to care for him overnight, so at the end of the day if he was stabilized with the 3 medications, he could go home.

Amazingly enough, Buzzy came home and by the end of the week he was “acting like his-self” as my daughter, Kesli said.  “He’s outside rolling around on his back, Mama!!”  Whew!  We enjoyed life with Buzzy rather normally until he started to deteriorate again.  Dr. Caruso at the Salem Animal Hospital told us clearly that the medication would never “repair” the valves, but it would make Buzzy comfortable.  Last December we said “good bye” to Buzzy.  The staff at the Salem Animal Hospital was so caring and helpful in explaining to my girls and me how the medicine would work.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but really the only choice for Buzzy in his condition.  Buzzy ATE LIKE A KING that week and got too many walks (he just wasn’t hisself and we could all see that).

Now we’ve got a German Short Hair puppy, Asia.  Salem Animal Hospital cares for our puppy and have even put into our permanent record not to give us the one exam room where we put Buzzy to sleep.

If you have a beloved pet and you need somewhere to take him/her – don’t hesitate to go to Salem Animal Hospital, and tell them I sent you!

77 Days on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire state line: Day 5 Salem Athletic Club

Need a great workout club in the Salem, NH area? Conveniently located at 16 Manor Parkway, just 1 minute off exit 2 on 93 exists one of the most friendly health clubs you will find in the area, the Salem Athletic Club.

If you are looking for a staff that invites you in like family yet is serious about getting you (and keeping you) in shape, you must visit the Salem Athletic Club! I have been a member there for nearly 10 years. Initially I was very involved with the racquetball part of the club, which includes men’s, women’s, and doubles leagues. Now I enjoy the flexibility and more complete workout of the Les Mills classes, including: Step, Pump, Combat, and Attack. (These are scheduled throughout the day with top notch trainers from 5:30am to 7:30pm and weekends.)

In addition, the club offers a very active Young at Heart program (for seniors), swim classes (to members and non-members), a Master’s swim program and much more. One of the critical decisions for me when choosing a gym was how my children would be taken care of. At the Salem Athletic Club, the Kid’s Klub area is covered by moms from 8:30-7:30 (with a break from 1-4) and 8-12 on the weekends. Kids in the Kids Klub are not always kept in the same room during your workout (depending on the time of day and their ages), they may be able to go to Little Learners, the pool for Wacky Waves, out to the sand box, or down to the Revolution Room to work out on the Wii equipment.

Meet new friends, get fit, and feel happy about it! Salem Athletic Club has been around for 30 years and is a well established part of the community. In fact, during the recent past, I have seen the club open their doors to the public during difficult weather times – at the end of 2008 when the bad ice storm hit and many people were out of power for days, SAC opened their doors to people to come, shower, relax, and be warm. Also, during more than one summer, SAC has opened their doors to people without the comfort of air conditioning.

Don’t overlook the possibilities at the Salem Athletic Club, they are a fantastic workout club located right in Salem, NH – see you there soon! :)

77 Days on the Massachusettes/New Hampshire state Line: Day 2 – RGA Tire and Auto Repair

In Pelham, NH RGA Tire has serviced 3 different vehicles for our family time and time again! RGA Tire is located at 9 Ledge Road, Pelham, NH and has been a family business since 1967. Family members Ray, Arthur, Shawn, and Jason are there to service our cars, and trucks as well as fleets of vehicles (if you have them). In addition, they have 2 large tow trucks and take care of OHRV (Off highway recreational vehicle) registrations.

Personally, RGA has done simple things on our vehicles over the last 10 years such as yearly inspection stickers and rotating and balancing our tires. In addition to that, some of the more complicated procedures they’ve done for us are: replacing a transmission, clutches, and head.

Some of the routine service RGA performs are: brakes, shocks, oil changes, timing belts, etc. RGA has the full diagnostic equipment to service all domestic and foreign makes and models of vehicles. They perform all factory maintenance and all heavy duty repairs.

RGA is your one stop shop for other mechanical items as well: snowmobiles, ATVs, and boats.

If you need to get any king of auto repair, go to RGA at 9 Ledge Rd, Pelham, NH – they are even open late on Tuesday and Thursday nights!